I started the Lily Storm brand with nothing more than a dream. As a little girl I would sketch loads of pretty dresses and make clothes for my Barbie dolls...not knowing that this was my calling. My vision was to create a range of good quality, beautiful kimonos (and eventually lounge wear) that is unique and not commonly available on the South African market. Each item of clothing is designed by me personally, using only the best quality fabrics to give you value for money. 

My personal style is very laid back and relaxed. I don't like to be pulling and tugging at tight garments all day. And I think that goes for most curvy women.

All fabric and trims are locally sourced and hand picked by myself to bring you something completely special.

My garments are locally produced in Cape Town by a team of highly talented ladies, and inspected before making it available online. I am only happy with the best!

So I hope that you enjoy browsing through our store. Please feel free to contact me on info@lilystorm.co.za with any queries or suggestions and I will try to get back to you within the hour.

Thank you for supporting a proudly SA business!