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Week 5 – Nutrition and Smoothies

“Nutrition is far more responsible for creating your shape and your health than you ever could have imagined”.

Up until five weeks ago, my approach to wellness has always been wishy-washy. I would eat healthily for a day or so, and then think it’s okay to have sugar and bad carbs. No wonder I wasn’t seeing results! What I have learned is that health and fitness is a lifestyle…and good nutrition is a constant choice.

I have started to ensure that I have good whole foods in my house so that I am better equipped to make the right decisions for every meal. Fresh fruit and vegetables, honey, gluten free oats, greek yoghurt etc.

If you follow my Instagram page (@LilyStormBlog), you would have noticed that I have fallen head over heels in love with smoothies! I have one for breakfast and lunch ever day, and have seen a significant difference in the appearance of my skin, hair and the way I feel in general. It is a convenient and clever way to give your body a powerful mix of good nutrients. My staple ingredients have become frozen kale or spinach and a Turmeric smoothie blend powder from a company called Think Organic (based in Kenilworth, Cape Town). With this as a powerful antioxidant base, I like to add frozen banana, greek yoghurt and my Herbalife F1 Shake formula of course. I have this in the morning, and you will not be believe how it fills you up for the entire day. So what I like to do is make a double volume of shake the night before, and divide it into two batches for breakfast and lunch the next day. So easy and effective if you are a girl on the go.

Another thing that has been working so well for me, is joining an online community of women who all participate in a 5 day ‘Eat Clean Challenge’. It is such a great platform for like-minded ladies to come together and share meals and support eachother when it comes to living a healthier life. If you’d like to know more, please drop me an email on for an invitation.

Eating well is more than just losing weight. You learn to respect your body and appreciate wholesome food. Good nutrition is also an important aspect of building a strong immune system, and warding off disease and illnesses. Once you add this mindset to an exercise routine, the benefits are endless!




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