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Week 4 – The Harsh Reality of Trying to Lose Weight

If you have ever embarked on a weight loss or fitness mission, you will know that there are no quick fixes in this game. It takes dedication, hard work and mental tenacity. You will have ‘thin days’, where your jeans and scale are your best friends. And other days, you eat a burger for lunch and dinner because you didn’t bother to prep well enough in advance, and no matter how much you try starve yourself and drink water the next day…you still gain those extra grams – and your weigh in with your trainer is literally a disaster. The key is to push through.

I have not yet missed one workout session, and by no means intend on throwing in the towel. If I start at 6am, I’m there. There is a lot to be said about changing your eating habits and opting for healthier alternatives (which I have done). It makes you feel good, increases your energy levels and does wonders for your skin. I also believe that it generally puts you in a happier space. My body is stronger and able to do more, and that makes me very excited.

But as with everything in life – you must have balance. I am not about to create an obsession with losing weight and exercising. I don’t want to be miserable when sitting in a restaurant. Or feel scared to enjoy dinner with my family. I know where I’ve come from, and the drastic changes I’ve made thus far. Before, I wouldn’t consider any consequence to eating whatever the heck I wanted. Pizza, pasta, cake – it’s a party. Not to mention being inactive. I just didn’t care. At least now I am fully aware of nutrition and the rough amount of calories I’m meant to consume within a day.

Long story short, I think the objective is to be kind and patient with yourself. As long as you’re not slacking and are constantly making an effort…I feel like it is enough. If you want to have that cheat meal, have it. If you’re invited over for a birthday celebration and there’s cake, have ONE polite slice…not three lol. I feel like the minute your body realizes it’s in deprivation mode, it starts going through an internal battle and makes you feel angry with the world. Don’t do it to yourself.

So I haven’t lost the kgs I expected within the space of 4 weeks, but I have reduced in centimetres and gained muscle mass. My body is changing and responding, therefore I am thankful.

Have a beautiful weekend everyone!




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