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Week 3 – Centimeter Loss and Clean Eating

Hi everyone! Apologies for the late post, this was meant to go up on Friday 2 February.

I have completed my third week of training and clean eating – Yay! As you know, Tammy measures my weight and centimeter loss at the end of every week. I only lost 0.6 kgs, but more importantly I’ve gained muscle mass and am down 1 cm on my arms and thighs. Ideally I’m aiming for at least 1kg per week, but I am grateful for any kind of progress.

Can you believe that I’ve been sticking to healthy eating habits for a full three weeks?? Neither can I. It’s slowly but surely becoming a way of life. Herbalife shake and tea in the morning, and then proper meals for lunch and dinner…with a snack in between. The transition was easier than I thought. Not only do I feel a difference in my body after I’ve nourished it with good food, but I’m seeing results. I am definitely more toned and leaner in the face.

Now have I completely given up on the yummy ‘bad’ food? No! I allow myself a cheat meal at least once a week. That means either a lunch or dinner. Not the entire day lol! So if I’m craving a burger, pizza or pasta – I’ll have it. Without the fries, extra cheese or oil though.

I’m back at work this coming week, so that means training on a Tuesday and Thursday morning at 6am. Bright and early! You won’t believe the sense of accomplishment you feel after crushing a gym session and then starting your day. Everything changes. Cold winter mornings are going to be a major struggle…but lets cross that bridge when we get there :-).

Please be sure to check out my Food & Lifestyle section for some of the delicious recipes I’ve been attempting recently.

Thank you so much for reading!




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