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Skin Clays by Kai

I’ve been on a mission to find a really good clay face mask. You know the kind that dries to a crusty layer on your skin making it almost impossible to smile? So whilst googling, I discovered an amazing locally produced range called Skin Clays by Kai.

My beauty besty Zuleigha (aka The Pink Mermaid) and I met up with the lovely Karen Vosloo – proud owner of this home-based business in Durbanville. Chatting to Karen, I immediately sensed her passion and love for her products. After three years of hard work and research, she has managed to unite the amazing qualities of clay and essential oils.

The various clays are imported from Australia and France, and contain a high mineral content. Most importantly, it detoxifies, exfoliates and smoothes in one action.

Karen has formulated quite an array of products: face masks, body cream, hand cream, linen sprays, body scrubs and room mists. I have tried many lotions and potions over the years, but I was truly blown away by Skin Clays. We were lucky to receive some samples – and Zuleigha and I wasted no time experimenting.

My absolute favourites are the French Pink Clay mask (R35 - yields about four applications) and shower gel (R30 for 200ml). After mixing up the powdered mask with a few drops of water, and applying to my face for about 15 minutes…I could seriously see a difference to the texture and glow of my skin after rinsing it off. And this after only one application. The stuff is amazing.

The shower gel (which also contains the pink clay) foams very well when used with a body sponge, and the celestial fragrance lingers for a long time. I sometimes battle to find a soap or shower product which will not irritate my skin, and so far, I haven’t had a problem with this one.

Also really enjoyed the Juniper, Jasmine and Bergamot Room Mist. I swear it’s better than any regular air freshener.

We LOVE Skin Clays by Kai - and have given them the Lily Storm stamp of approval!

For more information on the Skin Clays range, or to place an order, please contact Karen on 083 264 9498 or You may also click here to hook up with them on Facebook.

VALENTINES DAY SPECIAL: For every purchase of R150 or more, you will receive a sample pack of their latest products – which includes a 50ml Juniper & Jasmin Skin Cream, 2 x 50ml sample bottles Men’s Post Shave Balm (difference flavours) and a 50ml Men’s Anti Dandruff Shampoo.

Then…to stand a chance of winning a gift hamper, all you need to do is then provide feedback on the new products you’ve sampled. The gift hamper contains: 200ml Skin Cream, 250ml Post Shave Balm and a 300ml Shampoo (you may choose any variants).




*Skin Clays Face Mask Review by the Pink Mermaid*

I had the absolute delight of meeting a really passionate woman with my side kick Kashie.

Karen Vosloo is an entrepreneur of note. She runs her own little business from her home making clay products, ” Skin Clays by Kai”.

Her ample samples given to Lily Storm meant Kashie and I could try all the different products and share with the experimenting. I tried the French Pink Clay face mask. It comes in a 30g glass jar. I split it with Kashie and managed to get 2 full applications, so a 30g jar can get four applications.

Firstly, you add about 2-3 teaspoons of the powder into a bowl or cup. Add a few drops of water and stir till you get a thinnish paste. Mine was a little watery cause I added too much water, but it was fine. It mixes well and quickly so no heavy mixing required.

Once mixed I applied to my face. It goes on easily. I put it all over over my face - T zone, forehead and didn’t worry that some got in my hair.

I was told by Karen that I should sit in the bath with it so when it dries it can fall into the bath water. The water then re-activates it. It’s good for your whole body.

It started drying quite quickly depending on how thick the paste is when you make it. It had a little stinging sensation as it dried out. Nothing scary, I just thought it must be working (that whole ‘no pain no beauty gain’ phrase was in my head). But once it dried it was fine. It REALLY hardens. I loved that it did. Like when you talk it cracks. So after ten minutes or so I felt like I was ready.

I just washed it off in the shower, no need for a facecloth even. It washed off easily enough and it doesn’t stain the bath. If anything it seems to just dissolve in the water.

My face felt divine. Fresh and light, very CLEAN. It didn’t even dry my skin out, nor did it feel oily. It was just perfect actually.

I didn’t even feel the need to put a moisturizer on ( I should though). It just felt like a good old fashioned clay mask, the kind I remember my aunts used to use when I was a smally.

I liked that it hardens properly, I like the colors that it comes in (an old fashioned green and a classic dusty pink).

It gets two thumbs up from me!

The Pink Mermaid

PS: Watch this space for a review (yes, from a real guy!) on the new Skin Clays Post Shave Balm!