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Pinterest and dreams

This weekend, I’ve discovered Pinterest…and am completely obsessed! I always thought it was just a bunch of random people uploading photos, similar to Instagram. But not so. What I love about it is the fact that you can create your own ‘boards’. And pin things to it. I call mine dream boards. I am drowning in a sea of Marilyn Monroe décor ideas, beautiful images of Tuscany and inspirational quotes.

So the plan is to pin as many photos of my goals and dreams for the near future. Let me share a few….

Marilyn Monroe. Queen of sexy sophistication. I admire her quiet, timeless beauty. Yet sometimes feel an incredible sense of sadness and strength from her photos.

When I move into my fresh, new apartment one day…I want to create a plush space. Miss Monroe’s presence and style will be key. My home must be my sanctuary. A place to read a good book propped up against ridiculously comfy cushions, or eat a breakfast of poached eggs and salmon while flipping through an issue of Woman & Home on a Sunday morning.

I have never travelled. Yet something in my soul longs to discover the cultural mystery and earthiness of Tuscany. I want to eat real pizza, have good wine, have conversations with elderly owners of established vineyards and villas, spend days writing about my experiences… On my bucket list for sure.

Life is too short to worry about constantly pleasing others. As women, our natural instinct is to nurture, fix and conform to what society demands we be. I am multi-faceted. And I don’t think it’s selfish to want to give myself the best that life has to offer. Work hard, be kind to those around you, be brave while facing the storms of life. Put yourself first.