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Pineapple, Carrot & Apple Cake

A carrot cake recipe that surpasses even Nigella’s expectations! This cake is no run of the mill, granny type cake. It is an explosion of flavours that transports you to a land of sticky fruits and creamy delights!

And here is the clincher, it is guaranteed to be flop proof even for the baking handicapped.  For ease of reference, I have color coded the ingredients. Remember – and I quote from the Greats…Sophie Dahl and Jamie Oliver - ‘Baking is a science’. You need to follow the amounts and the recipe to get the perfect result. You can add more nuts if you like, but try and keep the core ingredients as accurate as possible.

I also go a bit wild with the decorations! Add sugar roses and glitter and everything pretty and sparkling. And most importantly, ENJOY!

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