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Masquerade Ball

I attended our long awaited end of year masquerade ball on the 27th of November. It was held in an old building in Queen Victoria Street, Gardens.

Rose Molteno from Molteno Creations designed and made my gorgeous ball gown for the evening. It was even more beautiful than I had imagined and I truly felt like a princess on the night. A distinguished looking gentleman (and colleague), told me that I was clearly the most elegantly dressed woman there. I considered this a huge compliment to Rose and her workmanship!

My friend Soraya’s bedroom looked like a tornado had hit it. We were three girls getting dressed and doing hair all at the same time, so you can well imagine. Champers was flowing though…lots of fun.

I don’t have many opportunities to dress up, so really enjoyed every minute! The cab arrived to scoop us up and off we went :-) .

The venue was decorated so beautifully, and there were even fire-blowing dancers at the entrance. It felt like a scene straight out of Gossip Girl. Below are some photos (please excuse the poor quality of some…my phone was acting up!).



Décor was soft, beautiful and mysterious.

Well done Rose Molteno…loved my charcoal and red lace gown.

 My close friends: Soraya, Bronwyn and Tamsyn. Love these girls! xx

Platters of chocolate covered cherries…over-indulge much?

The Black Ties – our entertainment for the evening. They were completely amazing.