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Marian Keyes – The other side of the story

I’ve had this book on my shelf for months now. Being on holiday I decided to get stuck in. It is my very first encounter with the award winning Marian Keyes, and I have to say – it’s been an absolute pleasure.

One of the reviews on the cover states, ‘you can’t stop reading’. True story. I literally spent the entire day, in bed, completely engrossed. The only time I emerged from my bedroom was to have a bath, and make a cup of tea and a cheese toastie. My dogs eventually thought I was ill, and checked in on me periodically. So I finished the rest of it on the couch, with a can of Coke Light and bag of Jumpin’ Jack lightly salted popcorn.

Keyes has the ability to paint each scenario as though you were watching it on a DVD. You’re able to formulate a mental picture of each character down to the very last detail. Although light-hearted, I found it deeply romantic and hilarious. I’m sure that every woman who picks up a copy of The Other Side of the Story, will be able to identify with either Jojo, Lily or Gemma. (FYI, Jojo was my favourite. Voluptuous, single, career mad, red hair, red lips, dangerous love life…but let me not give too much away!)

It is a tale about falling in and out of love, forgiveness, revenge, family loyalties and friendship. Even if you’re not an avid reader, I promise that this book will have you addicted. I’ve already purchased my second Marian Keyes…watch this space for further notes.