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MAC Russian Red

My friend Anda is one of the loveliest, most sincere people I have ever met. She has fabulous fashion sense and always stresses the fact (accompanied by very animated hand gestures), that I should never date broke good-for-nothing boys. But more than that – she’s introduced me to MAC’s Russian Red lipstick!

I was always terrified of wearing red lipstick. Fearing I’d look like a lady of the night. I usually keep my lip colour fairly conservative as a have a full pout. Then one Friday evening, while heading out on a girls night, Anda appears sporting the most gorgeous mouth I’ve ever seen. While the rest of us were furiously touching up our faces in the little girls room, all she did was slick on some lipstick. According to her, Russian Red is the only accessory she needs.

After much ooh’ing and aah’ing, Anda eventually convinced all of us to try it. Bear in mind that we were a mixture of all different skin tones and lip sizes. I promise you though, each and every one of us looked amazing!

It has a velvety matte texture, and seems to last for hours.

Now I think there are some rules to pulling off this look:

- Your skin has to be fairly smooth and even. I recommend using a BB cream or lightweight foundation, and covering any spots and dark undereye circles with concealer. You don’t want to create a pasty death-like mask, but you do want clear skin with minimal shine.

- Keep the rest of your makeup subtle. Some highlighter on the brow bone, mascara and small amount of blush on the apples of your cheeks will do the trick. This lipstick speaks volumes, so you don’t need much else.

Walk into a room wearing Russian Red, and there’s no chance of you being a wall flower. Thanks Anda…I am now a convert.

Off to MAC we go!



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Don’t you just adore the way Kim Kardashian rocks her Russian Red? This shade works especially well against dark hair and brown eyes.