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Herbalife 5 Day Challenge

This week I am doing the Herbalife 5 Day Challenge. I purchased the R99 starter kit which contains 6 x Formula 1 Shake Mix sachets in vanilla, and 2 x sachets of the Instant Herbal Beverage with Tea Extracts. The idea is to have one cup of tea and one shake for breakfast (ideally 30 minutes after you wake up). Then have healthy snacks and meals throughout the day. I am part of a group where we hold eachother accountable for our meal choices and also offer motivation and support. Honestly this is keeping me on my toes! Yesterday I went out for lunch, and had no problem choosing a salad and chicken breast while my husband had steak and mash. It made me feel good :-).

So for the shake, I blended one sachet with 250ml skimmed milk, a handful of blueberries and half a banana. This should keep me full until lunchtime. It tastes delicious! For now, I am only having the shake for breakfast, but once I get back from my little holiday next week – I will do it for lunch as well.

Have a great week everyone. Remember to drink lots of water and look after yourselves!



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