Hello 2018!


Hello, and welcome to my very first post for 2018! I hope that the new year will bring you an abundance of love, happiness and success in your work and personal lives.

So unfortunately I have had to delete my old blog which I started way back in 2011. Some little gremlin crept into the backend of my theme and for the life of me I just couldn’t fix it. Anyway, I now see it as a blessing in disguise. So much has changed since then and I feel like now is as good a time as any to start fresh. Better quality images for one, and new ideas.

When I sat down and thought about what exactly I want to put out into the bloggersphere this time around, I realize that there is actually quite a bit going on in my life. Although my passion is beauty and skincare, I am not primarily going to focus on reviews and product glorification. If you have a look through my pages, you will see fashion, food, and some finance in the mix as well. I would like to write about various topics women may find interesting…how to better manage your finances, what the heck is Bitcoin and crypto currency, the development of my own Lily Storm fashion label, etc. Also, I am starting a crazy crossfit journey with a personal trainer this year and hope to bring you regular progress updates about that too. (Crazy…because I am embarrassingly unfit, and will probably pass out on the first day LOL).

Welcome to my little community. I hope that you enjoy the content! Please feel free to drop me an email or comment with any topic suggestions or feedback.



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