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Goodbye 2015! And thank you…

Having faced a myriad of challenges this year…I can say that I have survived 2015! What a roller coaster. For the most part, it has been a blessed time of personal growth and achievement. I always take the good with the bad. And if I can walk away having made the best of a situation or learned from it – I’m happy!

The most exciting thing was being chosen as one of Mangwanani African Spa’s brand ambassadors in August. I have had great fun being part of their family. The role has enabled me to meet some amazing people, and become more confident and dedicated in my abilities. Yes, I have been spoiled with the most incredible spa treatments! Thank you so much! There are still a few more months left of our partnership. I look forward to tapping into my creativity and adding value wherever possible.

Above all else, my family and friends are in good health. What more can I ask for. Two more sleeps…and that’s it guys! May 2016 be a year of absolute joy and abundance for you all. Be safe.

Love always.