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Fitness Training – Day 5 (weight gain!)

I’ve just returned from my holiday and rather annoyed with myself. I had a training session this morning, with a weigh in and measurements. So it turns out that the amazing 1.6 kgs I lost last week…was regained while gallivanting in the Garden Route. Great.

To be honest, I felt like I was being relatively good by not eating hot chips with a steak (chips was a big thing for me lol), and having grilled as opposed to fried. Even running up and down in our hotel room like a crazy person. Yes I had the ONE chocolate fondant and slice of pizza #shoot me.

Anyway, I attribute this mini disaster to me not being as dedicated as I should have with my morning Herbalife shakes. I swear this was life changing for me. It kick starts my metabolism and keeps me full until about 1pm. Zero cravings or unhealthy snacking. So I am just going to get back on the bus and work my ass off. Rome wasn’t built in a day right?

I saw Tammy for a training session this morning. Much needed. I’m starting to feel like I can’t go more than three days without some form of exercise. Which is amazing. Next week I am working out on Monday, Wednesday and Friday – in group sessions. Also supplementing breakfast and lunch with my Herbalife shakes to accelerate the situation 🙂 Guys I really don’t mind because once I’ve added my frozen pineapple and berries, it’s tasty as hell.

The fitness and weightloss journey is such a mental game. You really have to give yourself a pep talk everyday until it becomes second nature. Not that I want to be as skinny as a model in a magazine…I just want to feel good about myself. Healthy and confident.

Please stay tuned. I appreciate the support and encouragement.



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