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Fitness Training – Day 3

Hello everyone!

I am into the second week of my training with Tammy, session 3. It isn’t getting any easier just yet…the struggle is still real. My body is still adjusting. BUT, I am beginning to feel a difference in the way that I move. I feel less bloated. My arms and thighs also seem more toned. Good grief after so many months of being stationary, it just feels so d**m good to move! Every day I grow more determined to do better.

The biggest shift for me has been in my eating habits. I’m not snacking half as much as I used to, my meals are healthy, and water intake has increased dramatically. I don’t go anywhere without my water bottle now.

As I am on the Herbalife 5 Day Challenge, my breakfast consists of a shake and tea (which surprisingly filled me up until way after 12pm). I love the convenience of it. Snack was a boiled egg just before I headed off to my training session. I was ravenous after I got back from my workout, so lunch was a quick salad of lettuce, half avocado, tin of tuna, and one boiled egg with fresh lemon juice. I also had a thin slice of 100% rye toast with cottage cheese on the side. Lastly for dinner I had cottage pie (with some of the mash scraped off lol) and vegetables.

I have another training session at 7am on Wednesday, and then heading off on a road trip with my husband for 5 days! This means I won’t see Tammy until the following week. I’ll have to be disciplined while away, and also take my shake and tea along so I can try stick to the programme for the rest of the week. It’s important to me that I keep my life as normal as possible…I still want to share meals with Chris and eat proper food. It’s just about making healthy substitutes. Especially when eating out. Once I’m back from holiday, I will have my shakes for lunch as well (only for a week though…then back to breakfast only).

That’s it for now guys. I will write a quick post in the next two days after my next workout and once we’ve settled down in our first holiday spot in Hermanus.

Thanks so much for reading!




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