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Fitness Training – Day 4 (and a holiday!)

Hi guys!

My apologies for being M.I.A. on the blog over the past few days…but that’s only because I’ve been on the most amazing road trip with my husband. Hermanus, Wilderness and Knysna. Aaah complete bliss. I really am so blessed to have experienced this. Swimming, sun tanning, and just all round relaxation. I didn’t take a break over the festive period, so this was much needed.

As far as training goes, my last session was on Wednesday 17th – just before we left on holiday. Tammy took it easy on me because I was already sore from the previous workout, and I didn’t want to be hobbling about with sore muscles while I am away. So I did a bit of rowing and sit ups. I have however been working out every other day in my hotel rooms and whenever I had a chance (even skipping lol!). Also making sure that I make healthy choices with every meal. It’s hard when you’re stopping off at restaurants for lunches and dinners, but also completely possible to still enjoy yourself while still be aware of what you’re eating.

For example, I would choose vegetables over chips. Grilled as opposed to fried. And of course portion control. It’s the little things that add up to big results over time. I know that had I not been on this health and weightloss journey…I would be scoffing down chips and all kinds of incorrect foods with abandon. So in actual fact, I am super proud of the progress I’ve made. Yes I had chocolate fondant for dessert the other night, but you know what…that was ONE treat over the course of my entire holiday. Not a train smash. Also, I brought my Herbalife shake along, but forgot the metal ball that comes with the shaker. So my shakes have been lumpy and gross. I just couldn’t stomach it after a while. It’s ok though, I’ve enjoyed having leisurely breakfasts with my husband while also making healthy food choices (boiled eggs, rye toast etc). Once I’m back in Cape Town…it’s business as usual.

Tammy, I will see you bright and early on Friday morning! Back on the grind!



PS: I am completely inlove with Knysna, and could totally settle here one day. So tranquil and good for the soul.

3 thoughts on “Fitness Training – Day 4 (and a holiday!)

  1. Your holiday looks amazing! Knysna is always so lovely and real value for money out of season-enjoy what’s left of your break!

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