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Fitness Training – Day 2

The first is not the worst. They lied haha! Day 2 and I am even more sore. Also had an emotional outburst in the parking lot after my session. Actual tears. I think it’s because I’m always exceptionally hard on myself – in every aspect of my life. I want to excel and do my best. The reality with this though, is that I need to learn how to walk before I can run.

I remember watching The Biggest Loser, and always wondered why the hell some of those people were so dramatic and emotional…crying because they couldn’t get through a workout. Just get on with it man!…(I thought). Well, let me tell you, it takes a huge mental shift to get yourself in the right frame of mind not to give up. To push through the pain and not think of yourself as a complete failure.

Today I used a skipping rope for the first time since primary school LOL, mini sit-ups, and some leg work. Maybe now I can only plank for a measly 30 seconds, but I WILL get better!

Tomorrow I will be collecting my Herbalife starter kit for the weekend. So watch this space for more information on the products. Next week I have 3 sessions lined up (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). Really looking forward to meeting the other ladies in Tammy’s class!

Till later!



PS: If you’re in Cape Town and would like to train with Tammy, please visit her Instagram page on

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