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Crabtree & Evelyn Secret Garden

I attended the Crabtree & Evelyn Secret Garden event last month – showcasing their 2013 Christmas Gift Collection.

Now as a lover of pretty, nice smelling beauty goodies…I’ve always been a Crabtree fan. But could honestly only afford one or two of their products at a time because it’s quite pricey. Always money well spent though. I was rather bowled over when I received an invitation to their V&A Waterfront store!

I am a Christmas freak. So the first thing that hit me as I entered the store, was the smell of homely clove and nutmeg yumminess. I was in the zone then. Wanting to touch and smell everything…with a glass of bubbly and a mince pie in hand of course ;-) . The beautiful packaging and quality of products were yelling at me from every shelf. It’s safe to say that if you receive a Crabtree gift from someone…you’re pretty darn special.

The staff were so so knowledgeable and helpful. I’m sure I asked them a million questions! Here is some fascinating background which I never knew:

“A pioneer in botanical formulations for over 40 years, Crabtree & Evelyn blends the very best of nature and science, tradition and innovation, and luxury and comfort to create benefit-rich bath, body and home care. This heritage is reflected in its name: Crabtree, from the crabapple tree, the original species from which all cultivated apple trees have derived, and Evelyn…from John Evelyn, the seventeenth century renaissance Englishman who wrote one of the most important works on conversation and whose motto, ‘explore everything, keep the best’, inspires the brand to this day.”

My favourite products are the following:

Gilded Chestnut Porcelain Diffuser (R 1000). Yes I know…very pricey. But the smell – I can’t even tell you how amazing it is. Christmas in a bottle.

All Butter Almond & Vanilla Biscuits (R 160). Just sounds as if it MUST taste good!

12 piece set of various Hand Therapies. Not too sure of the price – please enquire in store.

Everything is so gorgeous, you’re bound to find something you like.

I honest to goodness love this brand and am proud to feature them on the LS blog!


The Gilded Chestnut Porcelain Diffuser (R 1000). Can last for up to 12 months.