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Christine Revell Children’s Home

Hello everyone

This year, I have decided to give back to the community and become involved with an organization called the Christine Revell Children’s Home in Athlone, Cape Town. I am very passionate about little ones, so cannot wait to visit them within the next week or two! The weekly volunteer program will also be a key focus area for me.

Even though the home does receive a basic subsidy per child, they are still in need of the following items:

Girls and boys clothes / toys (in a usable condition), towelling nappies, baby powder/lotion, washing powder, bleach, dishwashing liquid and Handy Andy, toilet paper, bars of soap, sugar, tinned food, Jungle Oats, maize meal, vegetable oil, macaroni and spaghetti, peanut butter, sweetmilk and cheddar cheese, tins of jams and long-life milk

If you’re able to donate any of the above, it would be greatly appreciated. I could collect from you if based in Cape Town. These will then be delivered to them upon my visit. Please contact me should you have any questions:  082 852 4125 or

Here is more information on what these wonderful people do, and how you can get involved.

The Christine Revell Children’s Home provide full-time care for up to 49 babies and children from birth to five years of age. A very sad fact is that these children are either neglected, abandoned, abused, orphaned. They are accepted at the home irrespective of HIV status, race or gender.

Full-time care is given with the help of 31 staff members including a director, social worker, child-care worker, administrative and domestic staff. The home nurtures, protects and cares for the children and help to develop them to their full potential.

Christine Revell is registered with the provincial Department of Social Development and receives a basic subsidy per child.

Below are a few programs which the home offers to help maintain a high standard of care and promote the development of children.

Volunteer Program – volunteers ranging from individuals to high school learners, church and corporate groups, who have all committed themselves to help for one morning or afternoon per week.

Hosting Families - In order to facilitate the process of reintegrating the children into the community, a sucessful weekend and holiday hosting program is run and children go out on weekends at least once per month.

Educare Program – From the age of 18 months the older children attend the Little Star Creche in the premises on weekdays mornings. There are two groups and under the guidance of qualified staff members, the children learn about shapes, sizes & colours and are taught rhymes and songs.

Individual and Small Group Sessions – Children who indicate some behavioral and developmental problems receive specialized attention.

Medical Program – Thanks to the panel of volunteer doctors, the children are regularly examined and treated as needed.

Income Generating Projects

Shop Sales: Bi-monthly sales to the community of donated items provide much needed additional income. On sale are clothing, toys, household goods and even furniture.

Annual Bazaar and Dance is also a source of income for them, donations and support for these events are greatly appreciated.

For more information: 021 697 1748

Alicia Rhoda (Director):



Lets all dig deep, and together with the Lily Storm blog…do our bit for the less fortunate!


Pinterest and dreams

This weekend, I’ve discovered Pinterest…and am completely obsessed! I always thought it was just a bunch of random people uploading photos, similar to Instagram. But not so. What I love about it is the fact that you can create your own ‘boards’. And pin things to it. I call mine dream boards. I am drowning in a sea of Marilyn Monroe décor ideas, beautiful images of Tuscany and inspirational quotes.

So the plan is to pin as many photos of my goals and dreams for the near future. Let me share a few….

Marilyn Monroe. Queen of sexy sophistication. I admire her quiet, timeless beauty. Yet sometimes feel an incredible sense of sadness and strength from her photos.

When I move into my fresh, new apartment one day…I want to create a plush space. Miss Monroe’s presence and style will be key. My home must be my sanctuary. A place to read a good book propped up against ridiculously comfy cushions, or eat a breakfast of poached eggs and salmon while flipping through an issue of Woman & Home on a Sunday morning.

I have never travelled. Yet something in my soul longs to discover the cultural mystery and earthiness of Tuscany. I want to eat real pizza, have good wine, have conversations with elderly owners of established vineyards and villas, spend days writing about my experiences… On my bucket list for sure.

Life is too short to worry about constantly pleasing others. As women, our natural instinct is to nurture, fix and conform to what society demands we be. I am multi-faceted. And I don’t think it’s selfish to want to give myself the best that life has to offer. Work hard, be kind to those around you, be brave while facing the storms of life. Put yourself first.




Hello beauties

I have been ‘away’ for a long while. But am back, ready to breathe some life into Lily Storm once again.

There is so much that I need to catch up on, but first lets start with something unrelated to beauty. I love people with entrepreneurial flair, and animals of course. So when my friend Angie told me about her new business called Pet-ography, I really thought it was a novel idea. Photo shoots for your four legged friends!

She is such a honey, and will come out to your venue / house if you’re based in Cape Town. Below is more information on how to contact Angie. Also see the Pet-ography Facebook page here. Please support this awesome venture and create beautiful memories :-)

Love & light…LS xxx


My day of solo writing at Zevenwacht

“I am having lunch at Zevenwacht Wine Estate…just me, my thoughts, a caeser salad and a glass of Rosé. The weather is perfect. Warm with a slight breeze. I need an iPad. No – correction…I don’t ‘need’ one…but would ‘like’ one :-) . For now, my note pad will have to do. It’s so weird, sometimes I forget how to write manually. I’m always typing on my ancient laptop, cellphone or office computer. And yet, I find the inspiration seems to flow better when I put pen to actual paper.

So the reason for coming out here is because I can. My time is my own. No kids, no spouse. I like it that way…for now at least.

Two years ago, in the midst of a very sudden breakdown of my marriage, and impending divorce that followed at the age of 30 – I never in my wildest dreams thought I would ever be okay again.

When I say ‘okay’, I mean able to enjoy the simple things in life. Food, laughter, sleep. I once told my mom, “I don’t find joy in anything anymore”. That was a dark moment for me. I didn’t know who I was. Or where I was going. There were days when I just didn’t see the point of getting out of bed. I never believed when people told me, “You’ll be fine. Time heals all wounds”. It is true though. Unfortunately intense heartache, a sense of failure and depression are emotions you have to go through. After all of that…there will come a time when you disover who you really are, and become able to examine the reasons behind the event.

It’s exciting to realize that there is a huge big world out there, just waiting for you to leave your mark on it.

3 major positives came out of my divorce:

1. I learned to drive

2. I lost 20 kgs

3. I now smile on photos

And you know what…I wouldn’t change a thing. Because what I have learned about myself is invaluable. I wouldn’t trade it or go back. Not even for the happy ending with two kids and a white picket fence. People come up to me and ask ‘How did you lose so much weight??’ My response is simple…”I got divorced!”. The look on their faces is that of shock and pity. It’s okay, I can laugh about it now!

If you can reach a point where you no longer feel as though you need a partner for validation…then you’re halfway there. I saw a therapist, and she is amazing. However, when she told me to ‘find myself and learn how to be happy and comfortable in my own skin’…I thought she was gone with the fairies. Totally not on the same page as me. This was because I wasn’t ready. I had to discover all of this in my own time.

I wish I had known then what I know now – before getting married at the age of 26. I would probably have been much better equipped to deal with the reality of being a fully-fledged adult and with life itself. Make no mistake…I am grateful for the experience, and the fact that I was able to reclaim a part of myself that could possibly have been hidden for the rest of my life.

It’s taken a lot for me to finally write this post. But if my story can give just one person a glimmer of hope…then my tears were not cried in vain”.

On the way… :-)

The estate’s Labrador

View from my table

So relaxed…I left feeling like this… xx

Are you brave enough?

I am a dreamer. I fantasize about escaping the rat race and doing only what I love and believe in.

It’s hard though. You are often stuck in a career that pays the bills, but offers no emotional satisfaction. So you carry on from day to day, trying to best to impress your boss and fit into whatever social situation exists among your colleagues. If you have a creative and entrepreneurial spirit – you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Turning 30 was terrifying. Now I am grateful. Because with age, comes self-acceptance and awareness. I no longer feel the need to appease people by providing the right answers just to ‘fit in’. It wasn’t an easy process…it’s literally taken me years. But once that light bulb gets turned on inside your head, you will know.

You will know exactly what makes you want to get out of bed in the morning, and what makes you want to pull the covers over your head and stay there. It takes a certain kind of bravery to follow your heart and pursue a dream. Monetary constraints, criticism from family and friends…are all factors that can extinguish your sense of purpose if you allow it to.

I am a work in progress, but from experience I can say…acknowledge your passion. Stare it straight in the face and put in the hard work.

So tell me…what is your current day job? And if you could quit tomorrow, and do something you’re absolutely passionate about – what would it be?



Happy 2013!

Here’s wishing you all a prosperous and happy new year. May you realize your dreams. Live each day in abundance, and be happy!



My secret weapon against the sniffles!

I have officially started my one week holiday! But as luck would have it – I start sneezing. Which means a nasty head cold is fast approaching. There are a few things I do to stop it in its tracks though. Works like a charm every time!

1. Green tea and grapes

As you know, green tea is packed with antioxidants. What I like to do is add some grated ginger to my cuppa. Really helps to unblock the nasal passages. When in season, I munch on ice cold grapes. They contain vitamin C and can be very soothing should you have a sore throat.

 2. Honey

A natural antibiotic – down it by the spoonful! Any runny kind will do. Although I have heard that the Manuka variant is particularly good for you. Available online from Faithful To Nature.

3. Vitamin C

Plain old vitamin C tablets from Clicks. I take two twice a day.

4. Drink plenty of water and get lots of rest (good excuse to catch up on that novel!).

And last but not least, it would be a good idea to eliminate alcohol and cigarettes altogether while your body is trying to recover.


My Christmas Wish List

I was reading my favourite magazine, Woman & Home – and after caressing page after page of pretty things…decided to compile my own personal Christmas wish list. Now while I may not actually receive any of these items from Santa (although I have been exceptionally well behaved this year), I certainly had so much fun putting this together!

Some indulgent, nice-to-haves. A girl can always dream… 

L’Occitane Cherry Blossom Eau de Toilette

My very good friend Zuleigha (aka The Pink Mermaid) introduced me to this heavenly fragrance. With notes of cherry, freesia and blackcurrent, it is just so soft and feminine. Perfect for any occasion, and well worth the splurge. Wouldn’t mind receiving one of those hat box gift sets filled to the brim with the entire cherry range! 


Italian food is my weakness, and who does not have a girl crush on Nigella? So obviously I’d want her new cook book! Probably cheapest from at R 318 including shipping.   

BVLGARI Sunglasses

I never buy expensive sunglasses because I WILL either misplace, lose or sit on them. However, these Bvlgari’s I will treasure with my life! Ultra chic and Kardashian-like. Guaranteed to up my diva status. ‘Only’ R3,390 at Sunglass Hut.

Beach Cottage Holiday

I want to fall asleep to the sound of the ocean, and wake to the smell of it. Then, take fifty footsteps down to the beach and just lie there suntanning, while reading a book. Or retire to the porch, swinging in a hammock, eating cold watermelon. My favourite website to browse whilst dreaming of my perfect getaway…is Perfect Hideaways. They have the most beautiful selection of local self catering properties.

Kitchen Aid

I always feel like I haven’t really baked until the day I have my own ice blue Kitchen Aid. How can I ever perfect a Nigella cake without one of these babies? Dear Secret Admirer – if you are out there…this is sure to steal my heart! It’s really cheap (haha). From R5,990 at Yuppie Chef.

Spa Day at Mangwanani Zevenwacht

Mangwanani Day Spa is literally a five minute drive from my home, and I have never been. What a crying shame! Very often they have fantastic special offers for couples, which could be perfect for spending quality time with your bestie, or that someone special (husband, fiancé, friend with benefits…whatever). I love the African theme, and the vineyard location is absolutely sublime. Good value for money compared to some of the over-priced spas out there. Perhaps I’ll give them a try in the new year. 

And that’s it! See Santa, I’m a girl of simple taste ;-)