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Beauty box update

Hi everyone!

I have been having such a fun time with the Lily Storm beauty boxes, and received really great feedback from those who have purchased thus far. Some kind and constructive critism here and there - which is always very welcome too!

A few of you ladies have emailed me asking when the next box edition will be released etc, so I’ve put together a little Q&A which should answer most of your questions.

Q: When can we expect the next LS box edition to be released?

A: The current box was launched as a ‘test’ run, to see how well our brand and products are received by the market. As we are still collating valuable feedback from you ladies, it will be a while before we are ready with a new edition. This is to ensure that once we are streamlined into a monthly subscription business, we are able to offer you only the best in product selection and customer service.

Q: What sets you apart from the other beauty boxes out there?

A: Lily Storm was born from my love of beauty products and sample boxes. However, I wanted to include products that I was passionate about and also see less sachets. Samples are just that…samples. But I do feel that they need to be substantial in size to experience the full effect of the product. We operate on a much smaller scale, which means that each box is packed and sent off by myself (with the help of my mom!).  But what really differentiates us at this stage, is the fact that we’re focusing on South African brands!  I love this, and feel so proud to be able to market products that are made right on our doorsteps. My belief is that just because something is locally produced and costs less, does not mean it is any less effective than any other international cosmetic product. I am also all for entrepreneurship and owner managed businesses. Forming relationships with each and every individual you meet is key.

Q: Can I still place an order for the current box? And how is payment made?

A: Yes, we still have stock of the current boxes. Send us an email on and I will forward you the banking details. Once payment confirmation is received, your parcel will be sent off via courier for delivery to a physical address. As simple as that.

Q: What’s in the LS box?

A: An array of beatiful products from body butters to aromatherapy candles - worth more than R250, and a discount voucher for fabulous lash extensions from Samantics! Click here for more detailed information.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: R150 including courier delivery.

Lily Storm is all about sharing the love, so why not purchase the LS boxes as birthday or Christmas gifts? Awesome price, and it’s already wrapped – score!

Should you have any questions or queries, please drop me an email on on I value your support, and can’t wait to bring you more exciting competitions and giveaways in the near future as a thank you!