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December 2015 archive

Goodbye 2015! And thank you…

Having faced a myriad of challenges this year…I can say that I have survived 2015! What a roller coaster. For the most part, it has been a blessed time of personal growth and achievement. I always take the good with the bad. And if I can walk away having made the best of a situation or learned from it – I’m happy!

The most exciting thing was being chosen as one of Mangwanani African Spa’s brand ambassadors in August. I have had great fun being part of their family. The role has enabled me to meet some amazing people, and become more confident and dedicated in my abilities. Yes, I have been spoiled with the most incredible spa treatments! Thank you so much! There are still a few more months left of our partnership. I look forward to tapping into my creativity and adding value wherever possible.

Above all else, my family and friends are in good health. What more can I ask for. Two more sleeps…and that’s it guys! May 2016 be a year of absolute joy and abundance for you all. Be safe.

Love always.








10 Things I would Say To My Younger Self

As a creative…when I feel like this…I write. It is my means of expression when thoughts get too loud. My ‘right brain’ has little chance of play chained to a desk in an air- conditioned office all day. This is fact. And very often people don’t like to own up to it because hey, we need to make a living. But today was just one of those days when I longed to be free to explore what it is I am destined to do with my life. I find it contrived to nod along in agreement to something that makes my soul feel uncomfortable. So oftentimes, my silence is frowned upon.

After a cool shower (and fancy Elizabeth Arden face mask), there are a few things I wish I could tell my lets say…16 year old self :-) :

1. Take your time growing up.

2. Choose a career based on your passion, not what you believe will make more money.

3. It is okay to say no.

4. You are individually talented.

5. Make travel part of your budget.

6. Love unselfishly…but put yourself first.

7. Always speak your mind, without fear of judgement.

8. Know that you more than enough.

9.  Stop making excuses.

10. Your natural hair colour is actually beautiful!


Here’s to summer holidays. And taking the time to sculpt your dreams.