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January 2015 archive

Optiphi – advanced anti-aging skincare

I received a very exciting package from the kind folk at Optiphi today! They excel in the deliverance of scientific products to rehabilitate the skin at cellular level. Which is very important in treating the signs of aging.

Lets face it…post thirty, you start noticing little lines and wrinkles that were never there before. Not ideal! I am all for non-invasive products to help slow down this process. Youthful and healthy skin has always been a priority, so I am really looking forward to putting the following two products to the test.

Eyesigns Active Gel

I need a hardworking eye treatment. Eyesigns Active Gel (R755.00) promises to target fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness and to improve the overall firmness and texture of the skin around the eye area. Firstly, I love Optiphi’s packaging. The product is easily dispensed, which diminishes wastage. The gel has a rich, thick feel. So a little goes a long way. I applied some after my morning shower today, and could immediately feel the moisturizing and soothing effect.

Classic Complete Therapy SPF20

Women need to understand the importance of a good moisturizer. I fell in love with this one! There is hardly any fragrance, but the texture is glorious and comfortable. Classic Complete Therapy (R635.00) shields your skin during the day. It is an all in one treatment which offers: potent anti-oxidants, skin hydration, anti-wrinkle, skin restructuring and repair. Let’s not forget the sun protection factor – a huge plus.

I’ve tried various other anti-aging products, however some have seemed rather harsh on my skin. The difference here, is Optiphi’s gentle yet effective composition. Definately worth a try. Lets see how it performs over the next few weeks.

To purchase Optiphi, or locate a representative in your area, please contact Bernice Barnard on


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The winner will be announced on 31 January 2015.

Good luck my lovelies!


Christine Revell Children’s Home

Hello everyone

This year, I have decided to give back to the community and become involved with an organization called the Christine Revell Children’s Home in Athlone, Cape Town. I am very passionate about little ones, so cannot wait to visit them within the next week or two! The weekly volunteer program will also be a key focus area for me.

Even though the home does receive a basic subsidy per child, they are still in need of the following items:

Girls and boys clothes / toys (in a usable condition), towelling nappies, baby powder/lotion, washing powder, bleach, dishwashing liquid and Handy Andy, toilet paper, bars of soap, sugar, tinned food, Jungle Oats, maize meal, vegetable oil, macaroni and spaghetti, peanut butter, sweetmilk and cheddar cheese, tins of jams and long-life milk

If you’re able to donate any of the above, it would be greatly appreciated. I could collect from you if based in Cape Town. These will then be delivered to them upon my visit. Please contact me should you have any questions:  082 852 4125 or

Here is more information on what these wonderful people do, and how you can get involved.

The Christine Revell Children’s Home provide full-time care for up to 49 babies and children from birth to five years of age. A very sad fact is that these children are either neglected, abandoned, abused, orphaned. They are accepted at the home irrespective of HIV status, race or gender.

Full-time care is given with the help of 31 staff members including a director, social worker, child-care worker, administrative and domestic staff. The home nurtures, protects and cares for the children and help to develop them to their full potential.

Christine Revell is registered with the provincial Department of Social Development and receives a basic subsidy per child.

Below are a few programs which the home offers to help maintain a high standard of care and promote the development of children.

Volunteer Program – volunteers ranging from individuals to high school learners, church and corporate groups, who have all committed themselves to help for one morning or afternoon per week.

Hosting Families - In order to facilitate the process of reintegrating the children into the community, a sucessful weekend and holiday hosting program is run and children go out on weekends at least once per month.

Educare Program – From the age of 18 months the older children attend the Little Star Creche in the premises on weekdays mornings. There are two groups and under the guidance of qualified staff members, the children learn about shapes, sizes & colours and are taught rhymes and songs.

Individual and Small Group Sessions – Children who indicate some behavioral and developmental problems receive specialized attention.

Medical Program – Thanks to the panel of volunteer doctors, the children are regularly examined and treated as needed.

Income Generating Projects

Shop Sales: Bi-monthly sales to the community of donated items provide much needed additional income. On sale are clothing, toys, household goods and even furniture.

Annual Bazaar and Dance is also a source of income for them, donations and support for these events are greatly appreciated.

For more information: 021 697 1748

Alicia Rhoda (Director):



Lets all dig deep, and together with the Lily Storm blog…do our bit for the less fortunate!


A new year – a better you.

Happy 2015 everyone. I hope it brings much success, peace and prosperity.

I’m not one for new years resolutions…too much pressure! However, I’m all for it being a brand new chance to re-evaluate your current state of being. Last year was a trying time for me. I really battled to find happiness within myself. But there comes a point when you have to take responsibility and pull yourself together. There is too much I need to do. We all have God given talents. Why waste it?

December has always been my favourite time of year. It’s filled with joy, love and festivity. January though…not so much. I have heard one too many stories of couples parting ways, and more disturbingly – domestic violence. I don’t know what it is like to be caught up in an abusive relationship. Can only imagine the trauma. But ladies…if your man disrespects and beats you once, that is enough! Why would you go back for more? Especially if there are children involved? I know of someone in a similar situation, and her response is, ‘But I love him’.

No. Love does not hurt. Love does not make you or your children feel worthless and unwanted. I do realize people are stuck in very difficult situations, but there is always a way out. Stand up and be a soldier. Women underestimate their ability to survive on their own. We all want to be inlove. At what cost though?

I promise that there are still proper and chivalrous men out there. Men who don’t feel the need to physically or emotionally abuse a woman to prove their masculinity. Don’t give up on the idea of true love. Start realizing your worth. Let go of anything or anyone who no longer benefits your wellbeing.