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October 2013 archive

Anna-Louise Sleepwear

We have so many strong, talented female entrepreneurs in South Africa. Women who take life the by the lapels and show it who’s boss! Every month, I will be inviting an extraordinary lady…to share their personal stories of success and inspiration with my Lily Storm readers.

I came across the loveliest sleepwear brand, and wanted to know more about the person behind the name. One of my favourite things is comfy, yet beautiful pjs. No woman should be lounging around the house on a Saturday morning in a ten year old shapeless T-shirt! And this is exactly why I think Anna-Louise has carved out a perfect niche in the market. The luxury collection is also designed and made in South Africa.

So let me introduce you to Anna-Louise Atkinson, the owner of Anna-Louise Sleepwear. We did a little Q&A session…hope you enjoy!

LS: What inspired you to create a sleepwear range?

Anna-Louise: After finishing at Elizabeth Galloway Fashion Academy in Stellenbosch my dream was to become a designer, so I gained experience in retail, media and styling before focusing on my designer dream.  While gaining experience with big retail companies and media houses, I saw how people’s lives were changing, becoming faster, more demanding and leaving less time for luxury and relaxing.  Anna-Louise creates calm in the evenings, a balance in the chaos of life that helps leave the stresses of your day behind.

LS: Any advice for female entrepreneurs who are wanting to launch a new business?

Anna-Louise: If I could give any advice, it would be to never give up. Dream and dream big.  Wake up each day, and work towards that dream becoming real and true.

LS: Have you encountered any challenges as an entrepreneur, and how did you overcome these?

Anna-Louise: As an entrepreneur I face challenges on a daily basis – I keep reminding myself ‘There is no elevator to success; you have to take the stairs. All the challenges we face, build us and make us stronger.

LS: What is your night time beauty ritual?

Anna-Louise: I have always loved my sleep, so I find nothing more relaxing than getting ready for bed.  After a hard day, I take a long bath and unwind behind slipping into my Anna-Louise Sleepwear.

LS: What’s in your handbag?

Anna-Louise: I try change handbag’s daily.  As I hate clutter, so Im constantly removing items from my handbag.  In my handbag tonight is the following: Stimorol gum, my Prada sunnies, my purse, notebook and pen, business cards, hand cream, my iPad & MAC Hue lipstick.

LS: Name one beauty product you simply cannot live without?

Anna-Louise: Dermalogica Daily Resurfacer – I use this every night before going to bed. Makes my skin feel fresh and clean.

LS: Summer or winter? And why?

Anna-Louise: Summer.  I love tanned skin, sandals, the sun and being outside.

LS: What do you do to relax and unwind after a long day?

Anna-Louise: After a long day, nothing beats taking a long bath, drinking a cup on green tea and playing on Pinterest before slipping into my sleepwear.

LS: Your favourite holiday destination?

Anna-Louise: We’re off to the Maldives in December.  I think thats a hard destination to beat!

LS: How and where can Lily Storm readers purchase your beautiful sleepwear?

Anna-Louise: You can find Anna-Louise in one of our 18 stockists or online { visit our stockists page on our website for more information }


They have just launched their exciting new summer range, in the following amazing colours: watermelon, mint, powder blue, lemon, stone & black. Prices are up on the Anna-Louise website. Click here for details.

COMPETITION! We are giving away an Anna-Louise mint nighty (see below photo) worth R260 to one lucky Lily Storm reader. To win, all you have to do is…

1. Follow us on twitter: @ALSleepwear and @LSBeautyBox

2. Like our Facebook pages: AnnaLouiseSleepwear and Lily Storm

3. Follow Anna-Louise on Instagram: Alsleepwear

4. Post a comment below once you’ve completed the above steps.


Competition closes on 22 November 2013. Good luck!



Beach waves

There is nothing sexier than a head full of unruly, wavy curls after a day at the beach. I love this look! Matthew tells us how to prepare this relaxed summer look at home - that can work for a casual day, as well as a chic cocktail evening.

Here’s how…

1.  Shampoo and condition hair with TRESemmé 24 hour Body Shampoo and Conditioner.

2.  Rough dry your hair tilting your head forward to create more volume. Ensure that hair is 100% dry.

3.  Spritz TRESemmé Heat Defence Spray from the mid-lengths through to the ends and comb through the hair.

4.  Twist 2cm vertical sections around a broad curling tong. Roll each section up to the root area and hold for approximately seven seconds then release.

5.  Once you have completed the whole head, work your fingers through the hair to create the tousled look.

6.  Spritz with TRESemmé 24hour Body Finishing Spray.


Matthew Mansoor

Celebrity stylist

Brand ambassador for TRESemmé

Beauty box update

Hi everyone!

I have been having such a fun time with the Lily Storm beauty boxes, and received really great feedback from those who have purchased thus far. Some kind and constructive critism here and there - which is always very welcome too!

A few of you ladies have emailed me asking when the next box edition will be released etc, so I’ve put together a little Q&A which should answer most of your questions.

Q: When can we expect the next LS box edition to be released?

A: The current box was launched as a ‘test’ run, to see how well our brand and products are received by the market. As we are still collating valuable feedback from you ladies, it will be a while before we are ready with a new edition. This is to ensure that once we are streamlined into a monthly subscription business, we are able to offer you only the best in product selection and customer service.

Q: What sets you apart from the other beauty boxes out there?

A: Lily Storm was born from my love of beauty products and sample boxes. However, I wanted to include products that I was passionate about and also see less sachets. Samples are just that…samples. But I do feel that they need to be substantial in size to experience the full effect of the product. We operate on a much smaller scale, which means that each box is packed and sent off by myself (with the help of my mom!).  But what really differentiates us at this stage, is the fact that we’re focusing on South African brands!  I love this, and feel so proud to be able to market products that are made right on our doorsteps. My belief is that just because something is locally produced and costs less, does not mean it is any less effective than any other international cosmetic product. I am also all for entrepreneurship and owner managed businesses. Forming relationships with each and every individual you meet is key.

Q: Can I still place an order for the current box? And how is payment made?

A: Yes, we still have stock of the current boxes. Send us an email on and I will forward you the banking details. Once payment confirmation is received, your parcel will be sent off via courier for delivery to a physical address. As simple as that.

Q: What’s in the LS box?

A: An array of beatiful products from body butters to aromatherapy candles - worth more than R250, and a discount voucher for fabulous lash extensions from Samantics! Click here for more detailed information.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: R150 including courier delivery.

Lily Storm is all about sharing the love, so why not purchase the LS boxes as birthday or Christmas gifts? Awesome price, and it’s already wrapped – score!

Should you have any questions or queries, please drop me an email on on I value your support, and can’t wait to bring you more exciting competitions and giveaways in the near future as a thank you!


Straight and protected hair

The majority of women I know have become slaves to their flat irons. Including myself. Over time, hair can become extremely dry and ‘crispy’ if you do not use good quality heat protective products. Matthew from TRESemmé offers great advice to achieving that sleek look without the damage.

There’s one rule when you expose your hair to heat – the hair must be protected. TRESemmé Heat Defence Styling Spray guards against heat and friction to keep your hair shiny. It’s a fantastic tool for instantly transforming all hair textures and hold shape. You get the style you want without the damage.

Step 1: Start by washing hair with TRESemmé Moisture Rich Shampoo and Conditioner, then towel dry hair.

Step 2: Spray TRESemmé Heat Defence Styling Spray liberally 14-18 cm away from the mid-shaft to ends. Use both on damp hair before you blow-dry and on dry hair before flat ironing to shield hair from damaging heat. Tip: When blow drying hair with a round or flat brush, always point the nozzle down towards the end of your hair. This smoothes the cuticle and prevents tangles.

Step 3: Iron hair straight. Finish off with TRESemmé 24hr Finishing Spray.

Matthew Mansoor

Celebrity stylist

Brand ambassador for TRESemmé

Rose Molteno – my fairy godmother!

Rose Molteno

I am attending a masquerade ball next month, and needed a fabulous evening gown for the event. Rose Molteno from Molteno Creations in Claremont, Cape Town – has come to my rescue. She is going to wave her magic wand and transform me into Cinderella! I literally showed her two pictures and gave her a brief explanation of the type of dress I had in mind…and she produced this design that took my breath away.

Charcoal grey crepe chiffon, with red lace appliqued onto the corset / bodice. Not forgetting the low back and elegant side slit in the front. It was perfect and I didn’t need to change a thing. I had my first fitting yesterday, and will be posting photos of later fittings as the garment starts to take shape. There is nothing more exciting than having a gown custom made for a special occasion. Having a creative and professional designer at your side makes all the difference.

When visiting Rose at her studio, I went through the array of dresses on her rails and what really stood out for me – was the detail in her designs. Every little piece of lace and satin covered button is intricately placed. She has a soft, romantic feel to her work. Read more about Rose here, and contact her should you need help with a fancy soiree! She will not disappoint. Below are some examples of her beautiful creations.



083 462 7254

Shop and win Prada sunglasses with Style36!

What I’ve discovered about online shopping, is that it is stress free! No standing in long queues, or seeing a dress that you like…but it’s not available in your size. Nothing more annoying! Style 36 is a treasure trove. You can literally browse their site for hours and something is bound to steal your heart. Choose from a wide variety of beauty products, shoes and clothes. It is crazy addictive!

This why I love Style36:

- you receive a R100 discount coupon when signing up!

- free returns within 7 days

- free delivery

- secure online payment facility

- COD payment option in selected areas

They showcase some awesome brands like Forever New (LOVE them) and Queue Shoes. Below are some items that caught my attention…


Cindy foil printed tank top by Forever New – R 449. This is one the most versatile garments I’ve seen. And so gorgeous! Don’t you just adore the split hem in the back? I’d wear this with jeans and stilettos for a hot date night.



Nude slingback sandals, part of the Wild Alice Collection – R 399. Can be coordinated with just about everything, including your little black dress. Also comes with a ‘true to size‘ fit guarantee. 

Essie nail lacquer in ‘First Timer’ – R 110. Mint green is my new summer shade. Flirty and fresh!

Sign up with Style36 and get R100 off your purchase AND stand a chance to win 2 pairs of Prada sunglasses worth R5,670  Click Here.


The French Twist

The French Twist, a celebrity red carpet staple, graced the Oscars this year and was seen on the runways at London Fashion Week. Take style to new heights with an up-do made easy.

Step 1: Start by washing hair with TRESemmé Moisture Rich Shampoo and Conditioner, then towel dry hair. Apply TRESemmé Extra Control Mousse and blow dry.

Step 2: Tease about 5 inches from the roots to lengths.

Step 3: Twist hair up and start pining at the bottom using large bobby pins, working your way up to the crown of the head to create a French twist. To finish, use TRESemmé Extra Hold Hairspray.

Matthew Mansoor

Celebrity Stylist

Brand ambassador for TRESemmé


Best hair cut for your face shape

Have you ever gone to your stylist with a photo of Jennifer Aniston, only to leave looking like a watered down version of Bridget Jones? Been there, done that.

So maybe we can’t all look like our favourite celebrity, but we can work with what we have and make a statement nonetheless. Matthew is here to guide us on how to choose the most complimentary hair cut to suit your face shape! I could seriously have avoided many a hair catastrophe if I had known this information.

Enjoy ladies! And remember to post your comments and questions at the end.


“When it comes to getting great hair, don’t look any further than your own mirror. Whether you’re a “heart,” “round,” or “oval,” your best cut is determined by your face. Everyone’s face is different and it’s important to understand that every hairstyle is not for every face shape. To accentuate balance and beauty, strive for a hairstyle that works with your particular face shape. That strategy will not only give you your best look, but also emphasize your best features. Be sure to bring this up with your stylist and make it an important determination in your new look.


Figure out your face shape by pulling hair back into a tight, structure-revealing ponytail. Look at the outline of your face – the size and shape of your forehead as it compares to your cheeks and chin determines its shape.

If your face shape is: Round – full with round chin and hairline. Dos: Add volume to the top of head to slim. Don’ts: Stay away from a spiky and short topside. Avoid width or volume on sides.


If your face shape is: Square - with strong jawline and hairline. Dos: Take the edge off with a softening style featuring a side part and length at nape of neck. Don’ts: Don’t center-part hair or cut square, straight bangs. Avoid geometric lines.


If your face shape is: Oval - jawline narrower than temples, rounded hairline. Dos: Add volume to the top of head to slim. Don’ts: Stay away from a spiky and short topside. Avoid width or volume on sides.

If your face shape is: Long – narrow jawline and hairline. Dos: Layer it on for fullness on sides. Don’ts: Skip short cuts, jaw-length bobs, or styles that add height on top.


If your face shape is: Heart – wide temples and hairline, narrowing at chin. Dos: Try bangs and a length that frames the jawline. Don’ts: Don’t go too short at the nape of the neck.

Matthew Mansoor

Celebrity stylist

Brand ambassador for TRESemmé

Meet TRESemmé’s brand ambassador…


Matthew Mansoor is a well known expert within the hair industry. His client list boasts some of South Africa’s top celebrities including the likes of Jamali, former Miss SA Tansey Coetzee and world famous Indian film actress Shilpa Shetty.

I am a huge fan of the TRESemmé range of products. It offers affordable salon quality, and most importantly…has reduced my number of bad hair days to nearly zero! Over the next few weeks, Matthew will be checking in with us to share his hair tips and advice with my Lily Storm readers. We invite you to post any questions and comments below, in our new ’Matt’s Hair Tips‘ category.

Visit Matthew’s Facebook page here, and check out his website: to view his portfolio.

Watch this space for fab TRESemmé news and Lily Storm offers. Lets get this page going!